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     Today the All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics is a modern and dynamic educational institution that provides quality educational programs and helps students to achieve excellence in their studies. The Institute strives to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and mutual understanding as well as in the education of students.
     The Institute provides students with the most up-to-date teaching, using state-of-the-art facilities. The Institute's countrywide network of 20 branches located all over Russia provides education for every part of the country.
     Through the teaching of its teaching staff and the contributions to society of its alumni, the Institute seeks to fulfill its motto: "Creativeness, Innovation, Quality".
     The Institute pays much attention to development of information technologies and their use in the teaching process. For this purpose electronic textbooks, computer-aided programs in all subjects and develop distance-learning technologies are elaborated. Distance-learning centre elaborates new teaching process technologies.
     Our future is development and implementation of information technologies in the professional training of the students. The number of branches, the use of modern technologies and highly qualified staff make a great contribution to the prosperity of our country.

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