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     The All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics is one of the oldest educational institutions of economics in Russia. In 2010 we celebrated the 80th anniversary. For many years we have been collecting great education experience and highly qualified teaching staff. Many of our teachers were directors and managers in financial authorities, that creates continuity for the students. Scientific schools created by our outstanding teachers have trained hundreds of researchers and scientists and many thousands of specialists who work in all parts of Russia and CIS.
     At each stage of its history Russia has handled great challenges of economic growth and development of the national economy. The lecturers and graduates of ARDIFE have played an important role in this process.
     The Institute was founded on May 14, 1930. At that time, it was known as the Central Distance Institute of Financial and Economic Sciences. The first Rector of the Institute was German Mikhailovich Sverdlov who made great efforts to make the Institute a center of higher distance-learning education. Other rectors who contributed to the development of the Institute were A.A. Borobov, P.M. Tsvetkov, P.S. Bychkov, and N.G. Sychev. Today Anatoly Lanskikh is in charge of the Institute and is its Rector.
     In 1993 the Institute was named All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics. The Institute has trained about 400,000 highly qualified specialists. In 1980 ARDIFE was awarded order of Badge of Honor for training specialists for the national economy.
     Our future is development and implementation of information technologies in the professional training of the students. The number of branches, use of modern technologies and highly qualified staff make a great contribution to the prosperity of our country.

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