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     A long successful experience at ARDLIFE in training specialists enables all those who wish to receive secondary higher education in the institute, an academic degree (of candidate or doctor of science), to increase their qualification or pass programmes of post qualification education (PQE) for those professionals who are keeping up to date with their qualifications. Secondary higher education Persons with higher education can receive second higher education after three years of study in the following subjects:
       Finance and Credit,
       Business Accounting and Audit,

     Postgraduate course and doctorate
     Studies at postgraduate and doctorate level lead to a higher qualification, corresponding to academic degrees of candidate and doctor of sciences in five licensed specialities.

     Centre of Further Professional Education (CFPE)
     CFPE offers the following study opportunities in the Moscow branch and affiliates:
        Professional retraining of graduates from higher and secondary professional educational institutions in the following programmes: Business Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Remodelling Russian accounting on an IFRS basis;
        Training for certification and periodic professional improvement of specialists based on the programmes of departments and professional organizations: auditors based on programmes of the RF Ministry of Finance, professional accountants based on programmes of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia, Valuers based on programmes of Ministry of Property.

     Center of Business Education (CBE)
     CBE provides business educational programmes, mostly for senior management:
        Wide-ranging training of professional managers (high-ranking) following an ordinary MBA programme covering all basic aspects of management;
        Training of managers following a MBA-Finance dealing with the training needs of general magangers;
        Improving the qualifications of specialists following special MBA programmes in the corporate sector.

     Distance technologies of professional improvement are widely used in the system of further professional education.
     For specialists who prefer to work independently with study material, a whole range of courses with varying durations is offered, for example: RF Security Market, Individual Income Taxes etc.

     The Institute is one of the higher educational institutions of Russia which have been granted the right of professional improvement of teachers of higher and secondary professional education institutions. Teachers can improve their professional qualifications by taking courses or teaching practice and in the following subjects: Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit, Finance and Credit, Financial Management, Marketing, Higher Mathematics etc.

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