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     The Institute’s central library plays an important role in the organization of the education process It has branches in all its affiliates and in 20 representative offices of distance-learning education (RODLE).

     The stocks of the central library total more than two million items of educational, methodological and academic books, as well as periodicals.
     The whole library has been electronically catalogued, the catalogue being located on the institute website.

     On average 770 books with a print of more than 220,000 copies are bought annually.
     Library funds are selected professionally and competently, and their circulation is of the highest standard.

     Each year the library serves about 70,000 readers with more than 800,000 visits and more than 2 million loans made. The borrowing limit is 32 items per reader. Periodicals are also fully represented. About 130 academic journals and newspapers are subscribed to.

     The library also has a departments for teachers and researchers and a reading room.
     The teachers’ department lends more than 60,000 sets of training and methodological books annually in all subjects studyied and has 1.5 million items in all.

     The reading room provides an opportunity to order alternative textbooks and study guides, monographs, periodicals from more than two hundred titles, and thematic dictionaries, reference books and books of statistics.

     An automated information library system «Mark — SQL» was introduced in the Institute’s central library and libraries of the affiliates, which enables multiple analysis of the book supply for teaching purposes to be carried out.

     The way to access the search facilities of other libraries and information centers is also provided.


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