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     Preparation of specialists has an interdisciplinary approach.
     Graduates of the Institute can work in manydifferent spheres of economics.

     The Institute provides training in the following specialitizations:
       - Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit,
       - State and Municipal Management,
       - Marketing,         - Organization Management,
       - Finance and Credit,
       - Labour Economics.

     All professional education programmes have state accreditation. The training lasts five and a half years, and four and a half or three years respectively for people who have secondary professional or a higher technical education.

     By choosing distance-learning the students can enjoy a level of flexibility in their studies to suit them individually.There are classes in the evening, and also during weekends. For each subject the student is given a set of textbooks, practical courses, studying and methods materials, so that they can organize their work independently. In addition, students can purchase practical courses in computing for each of their subjects.

     There are specific training packages for work in the following organizations:

       Finances and Credit
  • State and local government finances
  • Financial management
  • Taxation
  • Banking
       Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Business accounting, analysis and audit of commercial organizations
  • Business accounting, analysis and audit of banks
  • Business accounting, analysis and audit of overseas economic activity
  • Business accounting, tax investigation, expert accounting for the courts;
       State and Municipal Management
  • State management
  • Local government management;
       Labour Economics
  • Audit and control of staff
  • Staff management;
       Organization Management
  • Production management
  • Innovation management
  • Entrepreneurship

     There are graduates of the Institute who areleading specialists in many spheres of economics in Russia: accountants and chief accountants, finance managers, financial directors, tax inspectors and consultants, human resources managers, managers of private and public organisations, marketing specialists, bankers etc.

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