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     Preparatory training is important in the education system of the institute andso there is a training complex and preparatory courses for applicants.

     Training complex for finance workers. The training complex for finance workers is comprised of more than 100 educational institutions, including 47 technical schools and colleges, 2 vocational schools and 32 comprehensive schools.
     The educational institutions included in the complex have legal status.

     Activity of the training complex aims at practical implementation of principles of education succession and continuity at all stages of training (school Ч vocational school Ч technical schools Ч institute).

     This is achieved by integrating the work of different types of educational institution, uniting the pedagogical, methodological, research and material and technical potentials at all levels of the education process.

     The courses at the training complex take place in groups over five year. There are two stages. The first stage is two years based on the complexТs technical schools; the second stage is three and a half years based on ARDLIFE. Thus, the experimental curriculum and the complexТs programmes comprise of a secondary professional education during the first stage and a higher professional education in a selected specialization during the second stage.

     The entrance examinations and enrollment of students into work groups is undertaken by a joint enrollment board of the complex and approved by the chair of its board of directors. Teaching in these groups is carried out in association with teachers of technical schools and ARDLIFE.

     To facilitate continuous education in the training complex system, the Faculty of Continuous Education (FCE) was created, which, together with the other educational institutions of the complex, carries out professional training for students (in groups) and pupils (in classes) based on approved curricula and programmes. It organizes, coordinates and checks the work of the various educational institutions of the complex.

     Preparatory courses Ч a most important part in the system of pre-institute preparation.
     The courses admit senior class students from secondary schools, senior classes of secondary professional educational institutions and persons who have completed a general and secondary professional education.

     Students receive training, corresponding to what is required as shown the applicants during entrance examinations on entering the first year of the Institute whether on a budget or agreed-fee basis.
     Upon completion of studies, there are final tests in mathematics and Russian language. If successful, students who have concluded an agreement with the Institute are given certificates of completion of preparatory courses. Then they are enrolled in the first year of education on an agreed-fee- basis. Students who enter the institute on the budget basis are given certificates of completion of preparatory courses. These show their final tests results which will be taken into consideration on enrollment to ARDLIFE.

     Training is carried out in the subjects of entrance examinations Ч mathematics and Russian language. Training is carried out by teachers of the Institute, who have a wide experience of teaching and methodological work.

     Training materials, prepared by the instituteТs staff, are offered as support for students. Special student groups are organizedduring the preparatory courses for better preparation for the Unified State Exam (USE).

     To this end, the best institute specialists have prepared special programmes, thematic plans and test papers and study guides in mathematics and Russian language for applicants to economics higher education institutions.

     About 10,000 prospective applicants receive training at the preparatory courses of the Moscow branch and ARDLIFE affiliates during the academic year. More than 70% of them pass entrance examinations and about 60% enter the Institute.


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