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     The basis of a distance-learning training programme is the students individual work, which takes up 80% of their study time. With distancelearning, a students contact with the teacher may be limited. Consequently, dialogue functions have been introduced into electronic means of distance training. This is why new information and communication education technologies in the studying process are so important.

     In ARSDLIFE, for the first time in distance training practice, certified computer training practical courses (CTPC) were developed for students of the 15 years of all specialities, in which the experience of the Institutes best teachers was drawn upon. A compulsory component of the CTPC is programme and pedagogical testing; they help to evaluate the extent material has been grasped.
     The total number of tests in CTPC for the subjects of the 5 year course is about ten thousand.

     For current certification of students in the institute, its 21 affiliate and 20 representative offices for distance-learning, computer testing with the help of two software systems (SS) is used: in the local network SS LAN-testing and in a global network SS STELLUS.
     SS STELLUS makes it possible to carry out computer testing of students in self-control mode from home computers, connected to the Internet. With the help of this system, checking the quality of students knowledge in all institute affiliates is performed directly from Moscow.

     One of the basic requirements presented by the labour market to finance workers is their knowledge of modern information and communication technologies used in the corresponding field. Therefore, computer and telecommunication technologies are widely used throughout the training process.

     Modern internet technologies are being actively implemented in the institute in order to enhance the efficiency of the training process. Via the Internet, students of ARDLIFE can do the following:
        Gain access to electronic versions of educational, research and methodological literature and to network training and methodological systems in economic subjects;
        Source literature in the librarys electronic catalogue
        Have a consultation with their teachers
        Take the self-examination tests to evaluate their grasp of teaching material

     Special forums were organized on the institute website for virtual communication of students and teachers.
     Information on the organisations arrangements, notices and timetables is placed on the website and regularly updated. Education at a distance and the territorial remoteness of the various institute affiliates necessitate the development of computer networks and telecommunication technologies. Since January 2004, the Institute has successfully used a system of internet broadcasting using satellite channels. Students of all institute affiliates can contribute virtually to lectures and consultations of leading institute professors, and also get direct answers to questions arising from them.


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