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     N.P. Danilova,
     Chairman of the committee of education, science, culture and youth policy of Altai Regional Board of Peoples Deputies
     With the diplomas of ARDLIFE and HPS I moved from being an instructor in the CPSUs district committee to the first secretary of the Central district committee of Barnaul, from deputy of the district Board of Peoples Deputies to deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.      In this life, when the law of competition, survival and contest is in the foreground, where we all have become enemies in the ring, knowledge, I received in the Institute, helped me to adapt successfully to difficult situations.
     It seems that because of this my daughter had no doubts in choosing her future profession. In 2003 she also graduated from ARDLI.FE
     Nowadays I am working in the Altai Regional Board of Peoples Deputies as the chairman of the committee of education, science, culture and youth policy.

     A.S. Zubarev,
     Principal deputy of the governor chairman of the government of Kursk region
     The basis of my activity is knowledge and skills, received at the ARDLIFE institute, which has trained thousands of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and finance during its 75 years of activity.
     The region administration jointly with the Kursk affiliate of ARDLIFE conducts seminars and professional training programs, directed towards increasing the qualifications of employees in the administration and regions economic agents.
     Im very glad that nowadays the government of the Kursk region and the Kursk affiliate of ARDLIFE are in close relationship, and I hope for further effective cooperation.

     O.V. Tatarinov,
     Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia
     I can say for sure that in the affiliate of All-Russian Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics in Tula the quality of training, which is carried out by highly professional people, and training of specialists is at a very high level.
     ARSDLIFE is one of the leading higher education institutions in this country, and the affiliate in Tula is one of the best in the region, of which people in Tula are proud. I think it is honourable to bear the title student from ARDLIFE. Ive been lucky enough to be a student of this institute, after graduation from which I got a diploma with excellence.
     Good theoretical training in combination with practice gives good prospects in life and creates an opportunity for career development.
     Im very grateful to all teachers and fate, which led me to ARDLIFE. And I would like to say the following to the young generation, who are now just starting to go to school or already are facing the necessity of choosing an institute: Come and study at our institute!

     S.V. Saakyan,
     Chairman of the board of Penza Provincial Bank Tarkhany
     During the transition of our state to a market economy ARDLIFE became one of the first higher education institutionsto reorganize their programmes and teaching process in line with national requirements at that time.
     Many graduates from the institute are working in the Penza Province Bank Tarkhany. They have an excellent knowledge of economic theory and skillfully put their knowledge into practice.
     On behalf of them and myself, I would like to express profound gratitude to the whole teaching staff.

     A.V. Davidenko,
     Director General of OJSC Kubanskoye Rechnoe Parokhodstvo (Kuban Inland Navigation Company)
     ARDLIFE was one of the first in the country to understand the problem of the insufficient economic and financial knowledge of managers and specialists under the new conditions and to have the guts to deal with it.
     Vast experience, serious training and methodological base, highly professional teachers in touch with the spirit of events, the opportunity to receive a second higher education without breaking off from work, and at a high quality level at that, all this was crucial when I decided to become a student of this institute, having basic higher technical education. The study, and life afterwards and work have confirmed that I made the correct choice.

     V.A. Kurennov,
     Chairman of Control and Accounts Chamber of Kaluga region
     Studying in ARDLIFE jolt started my professional career as an economist and financier. Among employees of the Control and Accounts Chamber of Kaluga region, which I have had responsibility for since 2001, more than 50% have received higher education in ARDLIFE at different times.
     Among them are the chambers deputy president L.N. Kuznetsova, auditors L.I. Aleksandrova and S.E. Maksimov, heads of departments R.E. Zhemarkina, V.P. Ionov and G.A. Kolyazin, senior specialists of the Chamber. They are all distinguished by responsibility, expertise and high professionalism.

     V.P. Krichenko,
     Head of the department of the Federal Exchequer in Smolensk region
     Nowadays, there is a strong need for true economists. I do not want to offend other institutes, but the Smolensk affiliate of ARDLIFE has no rivals today in this regard. The institute has good resourses, and can boast experienced highly qualified teachers. It is not by chance that among more than 600 specialists of the department of Federal Exchequer for the region, the majority are graduates from our affiliate.

     V.S. Darbakov,
     President of the National Bank of the Republic of Kalmykia
     Many graduates from the Volgograd affiliate of ARDLIFE are working in credit, currencyand securities departmentsand in the accounting office of our bank. We appreciate their high professionalism, creative potential and unusual approach to business, which were instilled in them by the institute teachers, who adopt an innovative approach to teaching and have good material and technical resources. We often use your financial techniques in practice.


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